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High quality London, Ontario videotape transfer service.
Peel Productions digitize video tapes including: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, Betamax, Betacam, and cassette videotape. Transfer your old video tapes for ease of viewing onto USB or DVD.

Back in the 1980's, simpler home video recording and movie watching was made possible through VHS videotape. Transfer of old processed film reel media; once requiring an old film projector, could now be converted to VHS. Videotapes played in VCR's included VHS-C cassette tapes from video cameras. Betamax video tapes were an entirely different format of videotape and required a separate machine for playing video. Tapes in the 1990's for video recording improved to Video8 camcorder and Video8 cassette tapes. An upgraded Hi8 (high-band) Video8 tape soon preceded the Video8 format, followed by additional improved home filming options with Digital8 video. Professional Betacam was the chosen videotaping format during this time and through the 2000's for corporate and business video. MiniDV camcorders were commonly used for personal or home-use through the 2000's as well before digital recording replaced the videotape.

Today, most all video tapes can be converted to digital format. Do you know the type of your video tape? Peel Productions transfer the following: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, Betamax, and Betacam. See below for more info. We provide quick turn-around on videotape transfers and have the experience since 1987.

film reel transfer London, Ontario
VHS Videotape
Transfer your VHS video tapes before the risk of old VCR players causing damage. VHS videotape transfer to modern digital format provides convenient viewing flexibility on smart devices, computers, modern tv etc.
vhs tape transfer London, Ontario
VHS-C Video Cassette
Tapes in VHS-C format are the smaller cassette version of VHS videotape. Transfer VHS-C video tapes with Peel Productions and digitize to USB for before possible deterioration damage on your VHS-C videotape.
audio reel and casette tape transfer London, Ontario
Video8 Videotape
Videotapes in Video8 cassette format have an 8 mm label on the front and required a specific playback deivce for Video8. Tape conversion to modern digital viewing maintains the best of your Video8 recordings.
35mm slide scanning London, Ontario
Hi8 Video Tapes
Digitize your Hi8 cassette video tapes to USB and enjoy the high-band rich colours and clear audio. Transfer quality of your Hi8 videotape recordings match the original; without the need for a Sony Hi8 videotape player.
film reel transfer London, Ontario
Digital8 Videotape
Tapes in early 2000 went with portable handheld Digital8 video camcorders. Peel Productions can transfer Digital8 cassette videotape and digitize for modern viewing on usb.
vhs tape transfer London, Ontario
Mini DV Video Tapes
Transfer of your small MiniDV cassette videotapes at Peel Productions maintains the exact quality from the original videotape. Digitize for viewing on your latest media devices and television.
audio reel and casette tape transfer London, Ontario
Betamax Videotape
Tapes in the 1980's would commonly be VHS format, however Betamax was another option. Slightly smaller than VHS videotape size and a bit rare to find but we can transfer Betamax.
35mm slide scanning London, Ontario
Betacam Video Tapes
Various formats of Betacam over the years would go along with broadcast quality recordings. Peel Productions once used Betacam video cameras and can transfer your Betacam videotape.

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