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High quality London, Ontario movie film reel transfer.
Peel Productions digitize 8 mm old home movies, Super 8 sound reels, and 16 mm film reels. Canada's experienced choice for legacy film transfer of your older media to modern viewing formats since 1987.

Over 50 years ago, personal home movies were captured on 8 mm, Super 8, and 16 mm video film cameras. Processing centers developed the film onto reel spools for customers to watch on home movie projectors. In the late 1980's to early 2000's, more convenient VCR and DVD players replaced home movie projectors, however, film transfer to VHS or DVD created a compressed lower quality copy from the original film masters. This was due to the limiting technology of VHS tapes and DVD discs. Did you keep your old original home movie film reels? Today with the latest technology, Peel Productions can digitize your old film without any quality loss; even improve the quality from your original film. We watch your film all the way through to brighten any dark scenes, correct broken film parts to ensure a smooth picture, improve colour, and clarity. Your new home movies are saved on USB and viewable on smart devices, tv, computer, social media, cloud storage, and more.

Bob Peel provides experienced film transfer services since 1987 with Peel Productions. Home movie transfers has been a large part of his business for the local community of London, Ontario. Film Transfer services at Peel Productions are also available to customers provincialy and throughout Canada. 8 mm, Super 8, and 16 mm old movie films can have different types of quality. See below for more info about your film transfer media.




8 mm Film Transfer

Regular 8 home movie film; also known as Standard 8, Normal 8, or 8mm; can date back to the late 1930's. The picture size on 8 mm movie film is smaller than Super 8 with less vibrant colours, however we find Regular 8 mm to be more durable during film transfer. Peel Productions digitize 8 mm home movies and watch every reel to improve dark scenes.

Super 8 Film Transfer

Peel Productions digitize Super 8 home movies to USB. Like 8mm film, we watch every scene to improve brightness where needed. Our film projectors bring out the best colour and clarity possible. Super 8 was the next generation personal video camera to replace Regular 8mm in the 1960's. Some Super 8 films have sound recordings; look for a copper magnetic stripe on your film.

16 mm Film Transfer

Old business training and corporate movies are typically found with 16 mm footage. Still, some families had 16 mm film cameras with or without optical sound recording. Whether a vintage military documentary, old cartoon show, government historical film, or personal family memories, Peel Productions can transfer your old 16 mm film reels to USB.

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