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High quality London, Ontario audio cassette tape and audio reel transfer service.
Peel Productions digitize compact audio cassette tapes, reel-to-reel audio film & transfer to the latest digital file format on USB or Compact Disc.

Audio reel magnetic sound film dates back to the 1940's and can be recognized as copper colour film bound on a plastic reel spool. Professional or home produced sound film would require an audio reel-to-reel player recorder for playback of sound film reels. Transfer of old audio film reels; specifically music, became a popular switch to audio cassette in the late 1970's. Compact cassette tape Sony Walkman music players and portable boombox speakers brought new audio listening experience options. Library audio learning books with tape players were also commonly used into the early 90's. Compact disc technology eventually surpassed the audio cassette tape into the late 90's with CD and digital .mp3 files onto CD into the 2000's. Today, Peel Productions regularly receives customer orders to transfer audio film reels and digitize cassette audio tapes. Transfer options are available to digitize and save to new USB or CD format. Whichever you prefer for digital audio.



Audio Reel Tape

These magnetic tape reels are from as early as the 1940's and require a special reel-to-reel recorder player for open-reel audio tape. Transfer your old audio reels and digitize to the latest digital audio format on USB or CD with Peel Productions.

Audio Cassette Tape

Digitize your old compact audio cassette tapes. Transfer to modern listening on smart devices, computers, and more. We've had customers mention an audio cassette player destroyed their audio tape. Transfer before further deterioration and damage.
Peel Productions London, Ontario
We transfer your reel-to-reel audio tape & cassette tape audio to high quality modern digital listening.
Trusted audio transfer services since 1987.

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